The pool

A week on the island and not once on the beach. The Bible doesn't tell us if there was a pool in Paradise - but if there was, then it probably looked just like the one at the Lemongarden. 


Among ancient palm trees

Our 150 lemon trees, hibiscus and bougainvillea, cacti, and herbs grow (and blossom) around the pool. The twittering of birds and an intoxicating scent of citrus fruits and warm stones fills wafts through the air. We understand that some of our guests just can't make it to the beach. The garden in which the Lemongarden's pool is located once belonged to the Illic house and like the house, was abandoned for many years. Some of our employees still remember climbing over the old stone wall that surrounded it and playing in the wilderness as children.  

Today, it is once again a thriving place of rest and relaxation right in the center of Sutivan. The mighty 200-year-old palm trees of the past are still here. 

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