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Private SPA

Hotel Lemongarden
SPA Hotel LemongardenSPA Hotel LemongardenSPA Hotel LemongardenSPA Hotel LemongardenSPA Hotel Lemongarden

The light casts gentle shadows. While you are unwinding in the relaxation room, let you gaze wander to the window. There is something contemplative about the view. A light wind blows through the trees. The peace and quiet will do you good. The garden is a peaceful place and it bestows strength. It’s as if the laws of time no longer apply …

In our wellness pavilion, absolutely everything is geared towards relaxation. Even the color scheme sets the tone: yellow that inspires. Turquoise blue that calms. A piece of the sky and the sea. Fragments of color that create feelings. Lights, life, laughter. Tile made of platinum Bisazza and floors made of marble harmoniously complete the overall impression and create a stylish elegance.

Your own personal time-out

Hotel Lemongarden

Our wellness pavilion and private spa. Exclusively for you! On around 100 m², you will find everything that makes wellness a pure enjoyment. There is a Finnish sauna made of cedar with light therapy. In the steam bath, you can experience a soothing combination of light and aroma therapy with lavender, lemon, lime, and orchid fragrances. With a rain dance, Ayurveda, and flood shower setting, the two spa showers will cater to your individual needs. Especially after a sauna session, cold steam with light and aroma therapy is a true pleasure. Along with a heated bench, a relaxation room with loungers is awaiting you.

A special highlight is the AlphaSphere

Private SPA

If you have ever experienced the AlphaSphere, you know that is incomparable. It regenerates, strengthens, and calms with sound, color, light, aroma, and vibration. With this sensational treatment, you will lie in an ergonomically designed, blue light-emitting lounger. A sea of soothing micro-vibrations will surround you. Color therapy is an important aspect of this therapy as the lights gently become brighter and then fade. The sound of soft electro-tones supports relaxation and has an almost trance-like effect. A specially created blend of fragrances completes the multi-sensory experience with its aromatherapy benefits. All the senses are affected. You can completely let go and be at one with yourself as you lose all sense of time. It is an incomparable journey into the realm of the senses.

In a time of excessive information and the hectic pace of everyday life, our wellness pavilion represents a clear counterpoint. It is a place of conscious peace and freedom. No background noise disrupts the silence. If you would like to listen to your own music, Bose speakers are available. Use of the wellness pavilion is included in the room price. Simply book a time at the reception desk, and 100 m² of wellness enjoyment will be your own personal private spa.