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Excursion to the Modra Špilja

Excursion to the Modra Špilja

A visit to the Modra Špilja, also called the Blue Grotto, is guaranteed to be an unforgettable experience. It takes 2 hrs. by boat to reach the Modra Špilja.

Since the ride leads through pristine nature and the sun is beautifully reflected in the crystal-clear water, the journey to the cave will fly by. When we arrived there, we indulged in a delicious lunch at the beach bar in Beševo near the Blue Grotto.

After a great lunch, we set out to the Modra Špilja. We were especially lucky, because we had the blue lagoon all to ourselves. We swam into the cave and were immediately fascinated by the blue color that was reflected on the walls. The sunlight reflected the sea floor and immersed the entire cave in a breathtaking blue light. The water glistened in a silvery gleam. This perfect day was ended by watching the sun set on the ride home.


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