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Vidova Gora

Vidova Gora

With an elevation of 780 m, it is the highest mountain on the Croatian island. Numerous myths surround Vidova Gora. To this day, many locals are convinced that witches held seances here during a full moon and brewed magic potions. The karst caves of Vidova Gora, visible in the direction of Nerezisca, support this myth and are supposedly connected with Vičja Luka or witches' bay. Others believe that today's ruins were once a temple for the gods Sventovit and Svevid, and the summit of Vidova Gora was considered a sacred place.

No matter which story is true, one thing is certain: Vidova Gora offers a breathtaking panorama. You can see Hvar including all neighboring islands, and you can even see all the way to Italy.

The view on Brač's Golden Horn, the idyllic greenery, and the magical island landscape cast a spell on every visitor without requiring any witchcraft! Vidova Gora is 29.4 km from Sutivan and can be reached in 44 min. by car. 

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