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Island of Brač
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If you like to be active on your vacation, there is a variety of possibilities in and around Sutivan. Bike tours, climbing, kitesurfing, stand-up paddling, canoe excursions, snorkeling, or sailing - anything is possible here. Wonderful hiking, running, and bike paths across the entire island of Brač are ideal for exploring the interior of the island and neighboring towns.

The weather is perfectly suited in the mornings for a hiking, running, or bike tour. For theme excursions, we recommend recreation provider Aldura Sports in Sutivan. The team is specialized in organizing bike tours along the trails of the Romans or a hike to the Blaca monastery for example. Aldura Sports also offers kayak and boat rentals.

Bike summit to the sea

approx. 3.5 hours | 420 HRK per person

Availability: all year
Distance: 26km
Difficulty: intermediate, good confidence on bike and good fitness level required, biking mostly off-road, no single track

The tour will start by taking a van transfer to the highest peak of the Adriatic island – Vidova gora (778 m). Upon arrival you can enjoy the breathtaking view over Brač and the surrounding Dalmatian islands. Starting by taking an easy downhill ride through black pine woods, a white road will lead you to Nerežišće and to the small traditional village Donji Humac. There you will visit the stone work gallery and hear the successful story of Brač stone. Finally, you will continue through wide olive fields, all the way downhill back to Sutivan.

Nordic Walking - Pines & Sea

approx. 1.5 hours | 190 HRK per person

Availability: all year
Distance: 4-5 km
Difficulty: beginners, average fitness level
Route: maximum altitude 10 m, dirt path, some gravel

This tour combines a pleasant walk along the sea with learning the interesting history of the island. It is ideal for the beginners and walkers without much experience.

The tour starts at Sutivan center with a short (5 min) transfer by van to Likva bay. From here you will continue walking along the NW coast of the island. The peaceful ambiance of the pine woods and the crystal clear sea offer an easy start to another great day with fun exercise. 

Nordic Walking - Olive Fields

approx. 2 hours | 250 HRK per person

Availability: all year
Distance: 7-8 km
Difficulty: intermediate 
Route: maximum altitude 100 m, dirt path, macadam road 

This tour starts at Sutivan center, from where you will walk across St. Roko hill. On the way you will pass by the old cemetery and finally leave the town and reach the hills, where you will have an amazing view of the sea and Sutivan’s rooftops. Finally, you will walk through centuries old olive fields of Sutivan and learn of the olive oil history and tradition.

This tour is designed for active walkers, with some experience and motivation to accomplish a challenging activity.

Sutivan to LOŽIŠĆA walking tour

approx. 3.5 hours | 290 HRK per person

Availability: all year - good option for early and late season
Difficulty: easy, average fitness level, some uphill walking

The walk leads you through Sutivan, to the town cemetery and St. Roko church, from where the path takes you up to the hundred years old olive groves with magnificent view of the sea and island Šolta. Following the story and scenery of the olive fields, you will arrive at the small fisher village Bobovišća, which is the perfect place for a small break (beautiful place for swimming if the weather is good). Afterwards, you will continue slightly uphill to the old village Ložišća, the town with the most beautiful church tower on the island. After a little sightseeing through the little town you will take the short transfer back to Sutivan (10 minutes). 

SUP Yoga - early morning

approx. 1.5 Stunden | 290 HRK per person

Availability: summer season - weather depending
Difficulty: easy, average fitness level

If you would like to start the day with an easy yoga routine and enjoy early morning stand-up-paddling on a calm sea, this tour is designed for you.

After going through some basic SUP techniques you will paddle to Likva bay. After you have reached Likva bay, you will start with an easy yoga routine. The paddle board makes a great yoga mat and the additional balance you’ll need to stay on the water intensifies your movements. Crystal clear sea and pine woods surrounding the bay make a picturesque setting for this relaxing exercise.

SUP Sunset Tour

approx. 2 hours | 290 HRK per person

Availability: summer season
Difficulty: easy, average fitness level

The tour starts in the late afternoon from Sutivan port by going through some basic instructions. After a short introduction you will follow the North-West coast of the island Brač and will bypass the beautiful hidden beaches of Sutivan. On goes the way towards Likva bay (Sutivan’s green coast area) where you will stop and rest. You will have time to swim if you wish, or simply enjoy beautiful early evening ambiance. Just before the sunset you will head back to the sea, so you can admire the breathtaking scenery of the sunrise over the sea while taking an easy cruise along the coast back to Sutivan.

Bike tour – the green olive

approx. 3.5 hours | 340 HRK per person

Availability: all year
Distance: 16km
Difficulty: easy, good confidence on bike required 

Starting off with a short transfer by van to Nerežišća, a typical inland village, you will take an easy downhill ride through the scenic landscape to Donji Humac village, which is well known for its stone quarry and stone tradition. Passing through quarries, you will reach Dračevica, one of the oldest towns on the island, with its historic tradition of wine and olive oil making. You will continue through an area of olive fields to reach Ložišća, which is the perfect spot for those looking for authentic Brač. From Ložišća you will head back to Sutivan again through an olive area with wonderful view of the sea all the way back.