Fresh catch

Fish from the surrounding sea. Fishermen on the island of Brač have been fishing in the surrounding sea for many thousands of years: shrimp, muscles, small, tasty fish such as mackerel or goatfish, and occasionally large, now rare species such as tuna and swordfish. 


like a thousand years ago

They do it using simple, ancient methods and in quantities that have always ensured that the fish population doesn't suffer.

Unfortunately, they are more often paying the price for a problem they can't control: overfishing of the seas by large fishing fleets in international waters. This means that Brač fishermen aren't allowed and aren't able to catch as much. 

We are therefore very pleased to buy almost the entire catch from some of these fishermen at a fair price. Our guests can enjoy fish of a quality that can't be found outside of a small fishing village. And we can make our contribution to ensure that sustainable coastal fishing will continue to be profitable in the future.  

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