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Hotel Lemongarden

At Hotel Lemongarden – as on the entire island of Brač – great importance is placed on food not just as a form of enjoyment but also as an expression of culture. If you know Croatia, you know the quality of its cuisine. Short cooking times and gently prepared vegetables as well as wild herbs make it light and delicious. Fish dishes and seafood play a significant role as does grilled or cooked meat. This typical Mediterranean cuisine is exclusively prepared with fresh ingredients.

Culinary delicacies of a 5-star level

Where the exquisite cuisine of Croatia is served!

Whether breakfast, lunch, or dinner - at Hotel Lemongarden, primarily regional and seasonal food is prepared and served. The various herbs come from our own garden and fruit and vegetables from our organic farm. Fish and seafood come fresh daily directly from the fishermen. We get lamb, veal, and beef from select, regional farmers. Our head chef is an absolute virtuoso of Mediterranean cuisine. Freshness and the origin of the products are matters close to the internationally awarded chef’s heart for the sake of quality and sustainability. And this is something you can taste. His cuisine embodies unrivalled, natural sophistication.

If you would like to eat in the hotel restaurant and are in the mood for a taste of local color, we have some top tips for you. It is remarkable how diverse and delicious Croatian cuisine is.

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