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Directly from Wiener Neustadt to Brač

Arrival by private jet

By direct flight in a private jet to Brač - comfortable, easy and exclusive. We make it possible with our partner Goldeck-Flug. From April to October, the private jet takes off every Thursday and Sunday in Wiener Neustadt. Short 1 hour 15 minutes flight time later, you can already enjoy the sun of Brač.

Directly from the airport Wiener Neustadt, private jets can land and take off at the airport Brač. And this has its advantages: no long waiting times, you start your vacation directly in Wiener Neustadt. Passport and vaccination certificate-check can be done online in advance - our team will of course be happy to help you with this. Take your luggage directly to the plane without any further formalities. It is enough to be there 15 minutes before departure.

Once you land in Brač, our transfer will take you directly to Hotel Lemongarden. Brač airport offers the shortest arrival time. Our team at Hotel Lemongarden will be happy to assist you in organizing your flight.

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Aussenansicht des Flugzeugs Pilatus PC 12
Das Flugzeug Pilatus PC 12 im Flug
Innenansicht des Flugzeuges mit Sitzplätzen für bis zu 8 Personen
Wassertaxi Hotel Lemongarden
Blick nach Sutivan

Travel times 2022

28th of April  30th of October / Thursday & Sunday

Price: EUR 1.890,- roundtrip, including Champagne as welcome drink

Meet our pilots

Thomas Schindler, Captain & Chief Pilot of Goldeck Flight

More than 18 years ago, while still in school, he earned both his glider and powered flight licenses and it wasn't long before he began his flying career as a professional pilot on a business jet. For many years he traveled the world on private jets until he landed at Goldeck-Flug in late 2020. He spends most of his free time as an examiner or training future commercial pilots in the classroom, in simulators or in aircraft for visual, instrument, single or multi-engine or aerobatics. 

His thousands of hours of experience in the field as well as in the management of various aviation companies and training organizations have since been incorporated into the comprehensive safety concept of Goldeck-Flug.

"For me, the PC-12 operation at Goldeck-Flug is the perfect mix of varied, flying assignments and exciting management tasks in a professional environment. State-of-the-art equipment and a great team characterize everyday life with us. I'm delighted every day anew to be able to contribute to this small but fine flight operation."

The Crew

Portraitaufnahme Clemens Hausmann, Co-Pilot

Sascha Ohr


Sasha started his flying career with gliding. This was followed by the getting licenced for a turboprop aircraft comparable to the PC12.  He subsequently served as co-pilot and 2 years later as captain on the Airbus A320 with a total experience of several thousand hours. The further career led him to flying cargo on the PC12. 

He started at Goldeck air in August 2021, mainly because of the interesting environment & the nice colleagues. "I am happy to incorporate my experience from airline and turboprop flying at Goldeck-Flug. Flying in an aviation company with reliable aircraft and flying professionalism is what makes Goldeck-Flug the best choice for me."

Matthias Tuczay

Captain & Training Officer

Matthias has been in commercial and scheduled aviation for over 15 years. He has several thousand hours of experience on Airbus A320s, has been flying charter and scheduled flights throughout Europe for many years. Matthias has also recently joined the management of Goldeckflug as a training officer.

"After 4 extremely interesting and instructive years with a Chinese airline, I am now happy to bring my knowledge to Goldeckflug since 2021 and also passionately pass it on as a flight instructor." 

Maximilian Hrusa


In the cockpit since 2013 and holder of a commercial pilot license with instrument rating. Max also prefers to spend his free time in the air as often as possible as a private pilot. 

"The Pilatus PC12 is the most reliable and versatile private aircraft in its class! It thrills me every time anew what challenges, no matter how great, it can master without any problems. What I appreciate about Goldeck-Flug is the excellent composition of team, professionalism and environmental thinking in harmony with service."

Florian Mörtl


Florian is first officer at Goldeck-Flug on the PC12. His flying career started in 2011 with gliding and he extended his licenses up to the commercial pilot license with instrument rating. In the meantime, he has already been able to collect several hundred hours on the PC12 type in Europe-wide operations. 

"I take great pleasure in being able to work in a professional environment that Goldeck-Flug creates for its employees. Prudence, responsibility and professionalism are, in my opinion, the most important aspects for a successful and safe operation."

Clemens Hausmann


Clemens completed his training as a commercial pilot at the age of 21. He then flew on twin-engine aircrafts and the Pilatus PC-12 as a safety pilot all over Europe. Since the beginning of 2022, he has been a permanent member of the Goldeck flight crew.

"The safety and satisfaction of the customers are always the focus at Goldeck-Flug. The professionalism of the team as well as the cohesion among colleagues provide the perfect basis for successful flight operations."