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Hotel Lemongarden
Frühstück im LemongardenFrühstück im LemongardenFrühstück auf der Terrasse

Do you prefer coffee or tea with breakfast? Whichever you prefer, it will taste so much better with a breathtaking view of the harbor and the sea. Believe us, this is something you simply must experience. At Hotel Lemongarden, there is no classic breakfast buffet. We have deliberately chosen to take another path here. We prefer to serve à la minute, because freshness is important to us as is quality and honesty.

Whether pastries, yogurt, cheese, or ham - our breakfast offers first-class regional and seasonal delicacies. Much is homemade, and some is unique. In terms of freshness, the products meet the highest of standards. At Hotel Lemongarden, you will be pampered with excellent service in the morning. Treat yourself to a lovingly prepared breakfast at stylishly decorated tables.

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Hotel Lemongarden

Awaiting you is an exclusive selection of regional and occasionally international specialties:

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A real jewel has been created here with select materials and an attention to detail. The rooms offer every imaginable comfort - the works of art on the walls and the Murano chandelier are the icing on the cake. The garden is a paradise and an oasis of peace and quiet - growing in this garden are chili peppers, lemons, and a variety of flowers, shrubs, and vegetables that will delight every garden lover ...