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Hotel Lemongarden
Esstisch im Freien
Vorspeise mit Jakobsmuscheln, Karfiolcreme, Aceto Perlen und Kapernblätter
Gedeckter Esstisch
Thunfisch auf Schnittlauchöl
Gefüllte Agnolotti mit Polenta & Mascarpone

Hotel Lemongarden: the name says it least in terms of the color scheme. The restaurant is located in the Vesna house. Here, green meets yellow with a nuanced color palette of lemons and limes. Fabrics, stones, Bisazza mosaics, and exquisite materials interpret the theme of citrus fruit with style and finesse while still remaining true to its roots: the walls of layered stone bridge the gap with tradition and create a special harmony.

Authentic and mouth-watering cuisine!

Hotel Lemongarden

The lighting concept emphasizes the natural aesthetic and with lighting accents skillfully draws attention to the numerous lemon trees that play a central role at Hotel Lemongarden. Whatever is possible, we produce ourselves: bread, pasta, pastries...everything is homemade, even the milk-based limoncello that our limoncello master Ivan creates. The milk base takes away the superficial sweetness and makes it simply exquisite. It is best if you try it for yourself…

The chef in the kitchen

Ante - Chef de Cuisine

For the chef Ante Udovičić it is a privilege to be able choose from the abundance of nature. It is a pleasure to be able to work with regional producers on the island of Brač, and it is a passion to interpret classic, Mediterranean dishes in modern, eclectic ways.

Our head chef Ante Udovičić loves his job. Quality is the decisive criterion for him not quantity. It is better to have less of something that is a much higher quality. The set menu offers around 20 dishes, 10 of which vary daily. Always regional, seasonal, and homemade – this is the philosophy.

Meat, fish, seafood – he doesn't import anything. He is convinced that we have everything here that we need, and we have it in the highest quality. The careful preparation of these first-class products is the focus. There is no adulteration of taste, because the product is the star. He meticulously selects his suppliers. Lamb, veal, and beef come from local farmers that he knows personally. Chicken and eggs come from free-range chickens on the island. Fish and seafood are delivered daily from the fisherman's morning catch.

We harvest the herbs in our own wonderful garden. Tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers, artichokes, eggplants, carrots, onions, potatoes, melons, strawberries, raspberries, figs, peaches, and many other fruits and vegetables come straight from our own farming. Our ecological, organic farm is on a high plateau above Sutivan. Sustainability is not just a catchword here but is a daily reality, and you can taste this with every bite.

CV Ante Udovicic